Uncovering hidden small business customers with content

by Tim Grey

Millions of small businesses never open business banking accounts – but I don’t have to tell you that.

The US banking industry has been trying to crack that nut for years to tap a significant customer base worth multiple millions in extra revenue which seems to have consistently slipped through its fingers.

But while tracking spending habits has been the traditional go-to method for identifying hidden small business customers hiding under the bushel of personal banking, content marketing could be changing the game.

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TSBC CEO to speak at premier small business banking conference

by Luke Sole

Glen Senior, TSBC Global CEO, will be sharing his knowledge on how banks can use content to engage small business owners, as a guest speaker at the 2013 RMA/American Banker Small Business Banking Conference in New Orleans.

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Why niche ideas are the most exciting

This blog is dedicated to anyone who decides to go against the well-beaten path to business fame and fortune, instead choosing to plonk themselves squarely on the fringes.

“Forget trading stocks; I’m going to self-publish a magazine for fans of electronic synthesizers produced between 1982 and 1988” – Someone, somewhere, right now.

This blog is dedicated to anyone who decides to go against the well-beaten path to business fame and fortune, instead choosing to plonk themselves squarely on the fringes.

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Social media has an audience of millions

by Jacquie Annand

I have to admit that when I first heard of Facebook, the whole concept really scared me. All I could imagine was freaky people creeping stalking my page and collecting information about me to use maliciously.

I also couldn’t think of anything more boring for people than having to read about the inane details of my daily life. It seemed like the perfect outlet for narcissists and attentions seekers, but not for me.

However, I did sign up, and I did become addicted to it for a time. Six years later I’m still Facebook user, and apparently in good company. Facebook announced in October 2012 that 1 billion people had signed up to use the service . One billion.  Wow.

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There's no substitute for quality

by Jacquie Annand

There are cars, and then there are cars. What I mean is, I could buy a second-hand, 2004 Toyota Echo, or I could buy a 1968 Ford Mustang GT Fastback.

Yeah, the Mustang will require more of an investment, and an ongoing one at that, but I know that it will be more enjoyable to drive and I’m certain I will get more attention while I’m driving it.

My *imaginary* Mustang will look as gorgeous today as it did over 40 years ago when it was first on the sales lot. I will put time and money into maintaining and keeping it beautiful, and it will only increase in value, while I reap the rewards.

It’s not just that the Mustang is better looking than the Echo (though looks are a big part of it); it’s about the sound that it makes, the speed at which it travels, the obvious workmanship that has gone into making such a beauty, and the fact that it still works like a charm over 40 years on; it’s a whole package.

It all comes down to quality.

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Technology changes fast. People love it & your content needs to keep up

by Jacquie Annand

Public transport is amazing, not because it is a breeding ground for all sorts of nasties in the winter months, but because it becomes a place where new technology finds an audience.

I remember the day that I sat on a Melbourne tram in 2010 curiously, yet surreptitiously, trying to catch a glimpse of my seat-neighbor’s snazzy new iPad. I had never seen one in real life and was fascinated. I wanted so much to look at what he was doing, but I didn’t want to be “that weird person” on the tram who talks to strangers or makes eye contact. I felt like a kid in a candy store, but I wasn’t allowed any candy.

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Musical innovators highlight content success

by Jacquie Annand

I have always loved music. I remember settling down to watch music video shows like Radio With Pictures, and having the video recorder poised and ready to capture my favorite band, or favorite songs of the moment. My sisters and I used to ready the radio every Sunday to listen to the American Top 40, keeping in touch with what was cool overseas.

But times have changed in music; charts are no longer dominated by people with talent; the guitar slinging babes with big hair and voices to match are a thing of the past and instead the industry is driven to regurgitate manufactured pap, entirely lacking of anything even slightly resembling musical integrity.

But I digress.

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Let your happy customers do the talking

By Cesca Eldridge

There’s something critical many businesses’ websites lack. Cue the roll of a tympani followed by clashing cymbals….it’s a testimonials page!

A testimonials page achieves several positive things.

  • It shows potential and returning customers that existing customers have positive things to say about your business’s products and services (in the case of returning customers, think products or services they haven’t yet bought but are considering). What other people say about your business is always going to carry more weight than anything you say.
  • It reassures potential customers your business is reliable and offers quality, reducing their personal risk in doing business with you.

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Multi-screen marketing

By Josie Springford

For those of you who’ve been hiding under a rock or similar inanimate object, I’m going to make an obvious statement to get you up with the play in the marketing world. The marketing landscape has changed rapidly and dramatically in recent years. Gone are the days where a model would look up at you with a smile from the pages of a newspaper, telling you the features of the mop/toaster/car/dress/coffee they have on offer and how much better your life would be if you owned it.

The 2012 consumer is much savvier than earlier counterparts. Therefore, engaging your target consumer has become more complex than ever before. Knowing how your consumers are behaving is vital when it comes to being able to effectively reach and engage them. With the help of market analysts Ipsos and Sterling Brands, Google recently released a report on how today’s consumer is more ‘plugged in’ than ever before. The report found that in a 24-hour period, the majority of consumers’ media time is spent in front of a screen – computer, smart phone, tablet and TV. We have become multi-screeners and more often than not, we use screens simultaneously or shift seamlessly from one medium to another.

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Don’t be fooled – you need a business plan

By Tim Grey

Barely a month goes by without someone declaring the business plan dead. They normally have roughly three months of sustained cash flow on record, a host of connections that mean they’ve never had to go to a bank in their entire life, and a friend in the media who needs to fill a space really quickly.

Like clockwork, they appear in the media noise as regularly as double-dip recession warnings, touting the fact their start-up was (allegedly) founded on nothing more than a slick concept and a post-it note.

But what they’re saying is actually about as substantial and durable as the machined rips and artificially faded color in their over-priced denim.

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