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Start generating small business leads now with our Small Business Resource Centers.

These standalone websites contain expert content to educate and support your small business customers. The design will follow your brand and include links and calls to action back to your main website.

Each site is packed with guides, videos, templates, tools and interactive diagnostics aimed at solving the key small business pain points.

Small Business Resource Center sample sites

Our small business Resource Centers increase engagement

Having a dedicated website designed for your small business customers is proven to increase traffic and generate new leads.

Once populated with our library of content, your own Small Business Resource Center will educate, support and encourage your small business customers to succeed and grow their business.

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Choose a layout and design

Our selection of designs can be modified with your logo and brand, saving you time and money.

Or request a custom design

We’ll work with you to design and build a Small Business Resource Center specific to your requirements.

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TSBC Resource Center Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost?
We charge a small one-off fee to brand and personalize each site, and then a low monthly fee to host, support, update and maintain your site. It’s so cost effective our customers gain a return on investment from month one! Custom sites depend on the scope.

Is the content localized?
Yes, we localize the content for your bank by adding your contact details and links to your product and services inside your main site. We also follow your brand guidelines to ensure the site is viewed as yours, not ours. If you need specific content outside our content library, we can develop that for you as well. See TSBC Custom Content.

Are there any security risks?
No, mainly as this is a separate site away from your main bank transactional site. We don’t collect customer data, no-one can login to their internet banking, and we don’t talk about products and services. We send traffic and leads back to your main site, for you to follow up not us.

Is the content kept up to date?
Yes. We keep content up to date whenever there is a key change to make. We also refresh content on a regular basis.

Can we take the content and build our own Small Business Resource Center?
Yes. If you want to take our content we’ll give you access via the TSBC Resource Library, where you can download the content and allocate you full rights.

Is the site optimized for SEO?
Yes. Sites are designed to be searched and we have carefully selected the best and most popular small business topics that small businesses search for online.

Can we include our own content on the site?
Yes, we can include your own content. This is actually quite popular, where customers have product information or existing guides or planning tools they want to include.

Who pays for hosting and support?
We do. It’s all covered in the monthly hosting fee. Once the site is up and running, there is nothing for you to do except act on the leads and traffic coming your way.

Do you report on statistics and leads?
Yes, every month. You will see what is popular, and where people are going. Once we’ve sent leads to your main bank site, it’s then up to you to follow up and track. We never open a conversation with your prospective or existing customers; it is always you that makes contact.

Is the content copyright free?
Yes. There are no per user costs. So feel free to amplify the content as much as you can; across social media, e-newsletters, in branch. Anywhere you believe the content will be useful to you.

Can we edit the content ourselves before you upload it to the Resource Center?
Yes. We can send you a login to our content CMS, where you can edit/amend as much as you like. Notify us when you’re finished and we will then commence the site build.

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